I’m thrilled to announce the beginning of a new era in literature. Remember this day, folks. It will go down in history books as the day the blogosphere changed forever.

Today is the first day of my new writing platform: Ruff Tails. That’s right, I’m a writer! I’ve learned from the best: Hemingway, Chaucer, Twain and others (too many to mention) and think my voice needs to be heard. I will be writing for the masses. The masses of dogs, that is. My blog will tell the story of San Francisco daily life from a dog’s perspective. At last count there were more than 120,000 of us within the city limits compared with 56,000 children. Strange, but true. It is my mission to shine a light on what it is like to live here with four legs.

Ahh, home.

Ahh, home.

Upcoming topics will include:

– Best places to walk your dog in San Francisco

– Why poodles are horrible creatures

– Why anxiety vests have not yet made it into high fashion

– The science of sniffing butts (why it is vital for effective communication)

Oh, and so much more. I will also post my reactions to news events and tell you all about my fun adventures (I go to at least one new park per week, photos to come!).

I entertain public appearances from time to time and grant guest blog requests. Please contact my publicist for more information (in my About Me page).

Thanks for reading and please comment with any thoughts/ideas/rants and ruffs!


3 thoughts on “Hello, World!

  1. Lucy! I am going to love reading your blog. We need to make sure our extended family gets to read this too. 🙂

  2. Hi Lucy– that’s my name too!– glad to see that there is a place where my sort-of new owners can find out where to take me and what we can do.

    • Hi, Lucy,
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog! I will make sure to write about great walks/hikes I go on with my owners very soon. Please let me know if you have any tips, too. I’m always looking for new trails.

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